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Regulation for Participation in the Process - Space Festival

The Process - Space Festival is an established art festival since 1992, which gathers artists from all over the world. The forum creates conditions for communication and creative process, as well as organizes exhibitions, numerous presentations, events, exhibitions and workshops. Its regulation was established and affirmed by its creator - Dimitar Grozdanov and has never been changed over the years. As a result of the good work, the forum has created a wonderful collection of the participants’ works over the years, which serves history and generations. The collection is an important testament to the foundation's commitment to preserving art and promoting it through various events, exhibitions and performances. The foundation is nonprofit organization and does not trade with its art fond.

  • The festival provides accommodation for all the participants
  • Accommodation is usually in an artist residence close to a creative workplace, making the work process possible at any time.
  • In most cases, accommodation is arranged for two people in a room.
  • The festival does not cover accommodation of relatives and friends of the festival participants.
  • Hotel accommodation is possible if the group is larger, again under the terms of double-room accommodation.

Food/ Catering:
  • The festival provides breakfast and dinner for the festival participants and recommends place for lunch with agreed discount
  • The festival does not cover costs for alcoholic beverages, personal stuff and presents, medicines.

Materials and consumables used for work and works of art:
  • The festival provides work materials pre-requested by the participants, depending on the project they wish to perform or the work they are going to create.
  • Please inform us earlier if your projects need some technical support.
  • If no work materials have been requested in advance, the participants will find enough art materials on site that they can use - canvases, oil paints, acrylic paints, brushes, pastels, paper, glues and other aids.
  • The festival aims to support and promote art and artists, as well as to create platform for exchange and communication. Over the years, names such as Cristo and Jeanne Claude, Leo Ray, Otto Drestler, Gonul Nuhoglu, Moira Geoffrion , Erik Tonsberg, Jan Chervinsky, Magda Abazova, Rumen Zhekov, Stanislav Pamukciev, Dimitar Yaranov, Sasho Stoicov and others have been honoring the collection of Process Space Foundation.
  • Performance, art action, other temporary art works are presented with photo or video materials for the collection.
  • Each participant is invited to donate the work created during the festival to Process Space Foundation. Donation is voluntary which is a important testament of representative participation.
  • In cases of use of specific materials difficult to access, extremely specific, super expensive, or cannot be deliver to Balchik or Bulgaria, the participant is asked to bring them.
  • We would like to ask each participant to cooperate with the festival team of exhibiting the art works in order to obtain a good outcome.

  • The festival organizers do NOT provide transport for the participants to the venue of the forum and after its end.
  • The organization team arranges visits to local landmarks or interesting locations for which they provide transportation.

PR, press and media:
  • The organization team is committed for the media presentation of the artists and their art works created during the festival.

For any further questions, please contact us in advance so that we can assist in any way we can: