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About Us

The Process – Space Art Festival is an annual international festival for contemporary art, which takes place over two weeks during June in Balchik on the Black Sea cost of Bulgaria, except in 2001 and 2016 where it took place in Russe along the Danube. During these two weeks artists have the opportunity to discover the cultural sights, exchange knowledge and artistic practice between each other and to present their artworks created during the festival.

The festival was founded in 1991 and since 1992 it has held hundreds of artists, students and guests.

 Over the last 25 years, an international team of artists and curators working in contemporary art collaborate with the municipalities of Balchik and Russe. The festival has passed through many stages and looking back brings us to a lot of events and artists, almost boundless in numbers and ideas.  Scores of exhibitions have been subsequently organised in different cities in Bulgaria and abroad as well as guest presentations in a variety of culture centres. Meanwhile the established collection and documentation supported the publishing of a number of catalogues and brochures.

Throughout the years the festival has been accompanied and supported by its sponsors, the family Bobokovi as well as by a variety of organizations and individual persons.