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35th Festival / "3+5=∞/Permissible Future" / 8-16 June 2024, Balchik



In 2024, the "Process - Space" Festival will implement its 35th edition under the motto "3+5=∞/Permissible Future" in the town of Balchik, with curator Hristina Bobokova and artistic director Rada Yakova. The focus of this edition is the art of the Balkans, its problems, possibilities and future development. The motto lays out the main theme of the edition, which aims to initially guide the participants in the concept of the forum, namely finding common horizons and points of contact on which artists from the Balkan region could unite and work together in the future or else each to present his own vision. At the same time, the theme looks for common problems, as well as perspectives for the development and deployment of art opportunities and common projects.

In 2024, the festival will be held in the town of Balchik from 06.08.2024 to 16.06.2024 – eight creative days and nights, during which the attending artists will be able to freely create their own original art. The concept of this 35th annual edition is to gather in one place the ideas, creativity and criticism of people working in and knowing the cultural, artistic, socio-psychological, problematic environment of the Balkans. The environment that creates the forum is creative and constructive for multiple possibilities and presentation of the participants. The forum provides a platform in the final days of the edition for prominent critics to present their theses in a forum with lectures and discussion on the topic. Communication between artists, on the one hand, and curators and critics, on the other, is mutually beneficial. This is also the main concept of the festival – to create new original works of art, to build contacts, relationships, cultural products, make connections and exchange of creative ideas, as well as to present and distribute them to existing and new audiences.

Participants in the art residence/ 2024:
  • Petar Kras (Serbia), Isidora Krstic (Serbia), Maria Gouveli (Greece), Ovidiu Toader (Romania), Silvia Radeva (Bulgaria), Nora Ampova (Bulgaria), Martin Trifonov (Bulgaria), Jordan Pankov - J.Pank (Bulgaria), Nadia Rozeva (Bulgaria), Ralitsa Stoitseva (Bulgaria), Vasil Slavkov (Bulgaria), Venelin Shurelov (Bulgaria).

At the end of the creative week, the festival has provided for an exhibition program:
  • on 14.06.24 art exhibition of guest gallery LARGO in City Art Gallery – Balchik with opening at 18:00PM.
  • in the "Melnitsata" Information Center - 3rd and 4th floors/Balchik, opening on 15.06.2024 at 18:00PM. The exhibition will remain in the exhibition space until 05.08.2024.
  • on 15.06.2024 a discussion-theoretical forum will be held with guest speakers who will present issues in the field of contemporary art in the region. The event will also be broadcast online.
  • accompanying events, workshops, presentations and guest events are planned during the forum on 14.06.2024.