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Paul Schock/ (USA)2005


Foundation Process Space is private non-profit organization which is financed by donations and art projects in the field of culture and art. Depending of our projects we are working with different partners and we are open for collaborations. During the years our partners are:

 Union of Bulgarian Artists, National Art Academy, Art gallery Ruse, Art gallery Balchik, Art Gallery Plovdiv, Art Gallery Veliko Tarnovo, Historical Museum Ruse, National Park Lom-Ruse, Foundation “Elias Canetty” Ruse, Gallery Acrabov Plovdiv, Gallery Arosita Sofia, Gallery Rezonans Plovdiv, ect.

Municipality Balchik, Municipality Ruse, Municipality Plovdiv, Municipality Dobrich, Municipality Ivanovo, Municipality Slivo pole, etc.

Prista Oil Ltd, Monbat Ltd., Hebros Turs Ltd. Plovdiv, Orgahim Ltd., Megahim Ltd., Wine house Levent, etc.

Long-standing partner: Bobokov Family and Art Simposium Lomea Ruse

Media partners: : www.въпреки.com, BNR, BNT, Shlager Radio Ruse, Arena Media Ruse, etc.