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DANTE AND THE ETHEREAL FEATHER – Bulgaria (2022), film.

DANTE AND THE ETHEREAL FEATHER – Bulgaria (2022), trailer.

The documentary “Dante and the ethereal feather” is a short movie with director Dimitar Lipovansky and producer Hristina Bobokova, for the festival “Process Space” and its founder and ideology – Dimitar Grozdanov. The film shows a phenomenon in the Bulgarian contemporary art and its influence on a generation of artists from the era of the Bulgarian democratic transition, a phenomenon that began way back in 1992 and has stood the test of time despite challenges and political changes. The production recreates conversations with persons close to Dimitar Grozdanov, participants in the festival, presenting also non-broadcast footage from performances, actions and interviews of the artist. As the creator himself says: “Art happens in the process of play and improvisation in harmony with space and nature. Sometimes dogmas and limitations must be brokenin the name of creating”’.

Producer: Hristina Bobokova

Screenplay: Cveta Nenova

Director: Dimitar Lipovanski

Operator: Teodor Mechev and Dimitar Lipovanski

Music: Nikolaj Ivanov OM