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Action "THE BRICK/ 2023"



In March 2023, the Process - Space Foundation will launch the large-scale art campaign "THE BRICK/ 2023". The initiative will take place among 150 selected Bulgarian artists, who will each receive a working brick to transform into a work of art according to their artistic visions and understandings related to the theme. "THE BRICK/ 2023" will be held within a month (March 2023) throughout the country, and the selection of artists includes several generations of artists and aims to find different points of view.
If you are among the selected artists, please be invited, by March 31st, 2023, to respond to the challenge, by returning the object sent - transformed into a work of art!

Address of the Foundation, where you may return your piece of work for participation: "Process - Space" Foundation, town of Ruse, postal code 7000, 73 Borisova Street, for participation in the "THE BRICK/ 2023" Campaign.
Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at: foundation@processspace.bg or visit our website:

More about the "Brick" Campaign I 1992-1992:

Under the auspices of the "Process - Space" Festival, many campaigns have taken place in Bulgaria over the years, in which artists from the country and abroad have taken part. At first, most of the events were the idea of art critic Dimitar Grozdanov, however, many people took an active part in their implementation. The campaigns are radically different from the idea of the "thematic exhibition", they aim to conceptually provoke, eccentrically create projects that go beyond clichés and standard artistic thinking.

The first guest-campaign for the contemporary art festival "Process - Space" was the "The Brick" Campaign held in 1992 and 1993, with the exhibition organized for it being hosted in the "Akrabov" Gallery, city of Plovdiv, in late January 1993. As a result of a mounts-long effort, a certain group of artists were mailed ordinary bricks with the proposition that they turn them into a real work of art. Twenty-seven artists took part and responded to the challenge by sending their pieces of work to participate in the campaign. According to the original idea, the exhibition after the campaign was the "first brick" for a future museum of contemporary art in Bulgaria.

30 years after the "The Brick" Campaign, there is still no museum of contemporary art in Bulgaria that exhibits both Bulgarian art and our national collection of foreign art. This raises many questions about an obviously existing problem in our society, hindering the development of certain cultural, artistic and educational processes in the country, which in other countries are somewhat natural, long realized and already functioning.

The question raised by the "The Brick" Campaign in 1993 is just as relevant today as it was back then. Therefore, after 30 years of tolerance, the Process - Space Foundation is resuming this initiative by making a challenge and raising the question - "Is it time to lay the "first brick" of a contemporary art museum in Bulgaria?" The importance of this issue is relative to each creator, so it is important for us to understand how creators view this issue. It is also a kind of social experiment, in which we observe the response of the participants and how they accept the "THE BRICK/ 2023" challenge. We raise questions and inform the general public.

The results of the campaign will be first shown in the "THE BRICK/ 2023" exhibition in June to be held at the cultural art center "ReBonkers", city of Varna, from 06.08.2023 until 02.07.2023 as part of the 34th edition of the "Process - Space" Festival and a theoretical conference on contemporary art on 10.06.2023. in Balchik. The project is a side event to the "August in Art" festival (22.06.2023 - 08.08.2023) and will be presented in advance at the "Buna" Festival in the city of Varna on 26.05.2023.

Project Organizer - Process - Space Foundation
Partners: Cultural Center “ReBonkers”
Curator of the Project - Hristina Bobokova
Artistic Director - Rada Yakova
The project is implemented with the support of: Municipality of Varna.
Main Sponsor: Plant for Refractory Bricks "TRUD" AD, town of Ruse